So this is the end of a very busy four day week; next week I’ll get back to the fun IT stuff! I had a meeting last night where one of the participants couldn’t physically attend so we used Microsoft Teams to bring him in digitally. Now, the host of… Continue Reading You don’t know what you don’t know. Part 2

I mentioned it in yesterday’s blog post and realized I hadn’t discussed it before. I had done a presentation on line with Lync and although Lync does do recordings, the presentation was pretty dynamic with questions coming from the participants.  In order to make the presentation efficient for folks who… Continue Reading Presentations R Me

So on Monday morning (Family Day holiday here in Ontario), I ran across the following tweet: @principalspage: Can you teach someone how to teach? And I replied with the cliche @sig225 You can lead a horse to water… Much like any skill, you can teach (or, more specifically, go through the… Continue Reading You can lead a horse to water…

Well I’ve spent a considerable amount of time responding to the feedback on Wallwisher; the students have definitely found it convenient to have a space to voice their concerns.  While I began it as place to talk about improvements to our OneNote Binder system, the students definitely did not feel… Continue Reading Padlet née Wallwisher, Part II