So Twitter serves up a lot of great tips, tricks, techniques and shortcuts for busy teachers. Choosing to follow the right folks helps prevent a lot of the nonsense. Eric Curts (Twitter) provided one to help Math teachers with quick formative assessments : Making Google Forms Quizzes with Math (Free,… Continue Reading Making Microsoft Forms Quizzes with Math (Free, Easier and Quicker)

Last week was crazy busy (3 conferences, report cards and my Dad’s memorial service) so I’m catching up on my November committment. As Richard Byrne laid out today in his post, “Voice Recording Tools“, audio can be very effective for both students as content, as product or as feedback from… Continue Reading Audio in Learning (in OneNote)

So using Desmos activities are a great way to encourage exploration and discussion in math class — if you haven’t tried them, I encourage it.  They’re collected at  But … Desmos doesn’t give you quite enough.  It doesn’t have a way of capturing the work that the student does within… Continue Reading Desmos, OneNote & Replay

One of our participants here at the Park City Mathematics Institute asked me how we did student feedback at our school; I wrote him an email but thought I’d illustrate it a bit more here: So, we have a little bit of a unique situation at our school. We use… Continue Reading Feedback to Students in OneNote : A summary

We had a really successful year last year when we rolled out the OneNote Binders … and now we’ve responded to some of the feedback as we prepare to provide this year’s version. Students have become accustomed to using the Assignments Section to submit their work; it’s the Section that… Continue Reading I’d give my right _A_R_M to assess better

I mentioned it in yesterday’s blog post and realized I hadn’t discussed it before. I had done a presentation on line with Lync and although Lync does do recordings, the presentation was pretty dynamic with questions coming from the participants.  In order to make the presentation efficient for folks who… Continue Reading Presentations R Me

Well I’ve spent a considerable amount of time responding to the feedback on Wallwisher; the students have definitely found it convenient to have a space to voice their concerns.  While I began it as place to talk about improvements to our OneNote Binder system, the students definitely did not feel… Continue Reading Padlet née Wallwisher, Part II