So, Alice Keeler – @alicekeeler– who is an amazing blogger and an incredible resource for those using Google products, posted 60 Ways Math Teachers can use Google Classroom last April.  It came across my desk the other day and, since school hadn’t started yet, I thought it might be a good reflection for me on how… Continue Reading Five reasons to learn Math with OneNote

I realized the other day while writing Parts 1 (link) & 2 (link) that I’d never talked about the Private Teacher Section Group in our OneNote Binders… During our first year with the OneNote Binders (our initial design that ended up becoming the OneNote Class Notebook) we quickly realized we… Continue Reading Hacking the OneNote Class Notebook Part III : Planning in _Private

So the amazing Marilyn Steier, an educator from Alberta I met while in Barcelona for the Microsoft Global Forum last year, asked a question on Microsoft’s Canada Education Yammer group (Link) about removing students and teachers from the OneNote Class Notebook.  And it got me thinking … we’ve been using… Continue Reading Hacking the OneNote Classroom Notebook

When we first introduced the OneNote Binders, amongst the immediate requests was for group collaboration spaces.  For the first year, we had the teachers request them through our IT request system and manually created them and assigned the permissions.  But, given the convenience of OneNote, we knew we wanted a… Continue Reading There’s no I in TEAM (there’s an _A, _M and _R though!)

A friend asked the following on Facebook so I thought I’d provide my response to promote discussion more generally. Who all is in a one-to-one tablet school? How’s that going? Use them daily? Weekly? Monthly? Blue-moonly? Curious if the tablets are making a difference or just a thing. I’m going… Continue Reading Facebook question on “tablets”

So I was sitting in the Faculty Lounge yesterday (as I am as much as I can… see It’s too far…) and I was chatting with a Social Studies teacher.  She was asking about the Microsoft conference I had attended last week where I had the opportunity to share our… Continue Reading “You don’t want to use OneNote; it’s too hard…”

At Appleby College, we’ve been using Microsoft OneNote for a l.o.n.g time now … and structured shared OneNote Binders for two full academic years now.  Folks often ask how much time it takes for teachers to get accustomed to working with OneNote and shared documents in general.  Since we have… Continue Reading How long does it take? Working with OneNote and the OneDrive WebApps

We got great news today… Microsoft Office Labs  have released an app for Sharepoint2013 that will create a OneNote notebook for your class very similar to what we use at Appleby! The direct link to the Store is This is a great first step forward — it brings the collaboration… Continue Reading OneNote Binders for all! Well, one step closer, at least…

So this post is prompted by Dave Sladkey’s post earlier on using Google Drive, namely Google Drive! What are you waiting for Math Teachers? Now Google Drive/Google Docs has much greater visibility than Microsoft OneNote and even though I’m a long-time GDocs/Drive user I would likely recommend the OneNote Notebook… Continue Reading OneNote! “What are you waiting for Math Teachers?”