Digging oneself out

So while Covid still exists, its direct and explicit effects on our day-to-day lives have lessened. We’re now reaching the one-year anniversary of leaving our last at-home shutdowns. But, after those two years of restrictions, I’ve found it a real challenge to (re)adjust back to closer to what we had before. One became too accustomed to always being at home, making oneself busy with the resources behind closed doors.

I’ve been trying to take advantage of opportunities to get out — working with the OAME, the OTF, an impromptu Toronto math educators get-together, and of course, the volunteer group I’ve worked with for years. Even so, especially with winter, its been a challenge. I still spend far too much time inside.

But, like New Years Resolutions, you can re-start them anytime – every day is a new beginning. And I’m going to take the same approach to blogging. One falls down; one picks oneself up again.

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