NCTM 2018 Annual Conference — and OneNote

Since organization is important when visiting an incredibly packed conference like the annual National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), I thought I would share my approach to that using OneNote.  You can visit it here:
How did I do it?  First, I visited and signed in with my Microsoft Account.  If you don’t have a Microsoft Account (1) they’re free and (2) you can make any email into a Microsoft Account login, so you’re not creating a new email.  It’s just another identity provider, like Google, Facebook or Twitter.

There’s a (very small) button to add a new OneNote Notebook on the OneNote website — this is also where you can get at all of your notebooks, both those you created and those that have been shared with you.I named the OneNote “NCTM 2018” .. it comes created with a Section called “Quick Notes” and a first page.

Now, every one of my browsers have the OneNote Web Clipper installed. – you can install it by visiting in whichever browser you’re presently in.  This means that anything I see on a webpage I can push into OneNote.  So I went to the NCTM website and opened up the PDF version of the Planner — I clicked on the OneNote Web Clipper and it pushed the pages into the NCTM OneNote.  I then googled “washington convention center floor plan” and then I Web Clipped the floor plans into the OneNote too.

Everything in OneNote is automatically indexed, even if it’s an image, audio or video, so I can search for a name, a presentation or a room and be pretty quick to find things.

I used the NCTM Online Conference Planner (which is about 5 years behind most online planners… who programs these things?) to create my schedule for Thursday and then used the OneNote Printer (it’s a “printer” that prints the page into OneNote… and is automatically installed if you have OneNote (also free) installed, or available at the Microsoft Store.

I also went to If-This-Then-That and set up a push from Twitter — any time anyone tweets from the NCTM conference about Desmos, it will create a page with that tweet text/picture on it.  The tweet goes on its own page into a section just for Desmos tweets.

That’s it’s for now… if you’d like to see it, you can view it here:  I will be adding my notes for each session I attend inside the same OneNote so if here’s something you’re interested in, let me know!  I’ll be using the OfficeLens app on my phone to take pictures of presentations, worksheets and other physical objects — these pictures also automatically get pushed into the NCTM OneNote.  You can get Office Lens for Android or Apple.
When you use the OfficeLens App to take a picture, it automatically straightens it, cleans it and allows you to push it to OneNote (or many other apps you may have access to).  It’s a great additional to a #vnps, whiteboard or paper classroom!

And yes! I’m presenting on Saturday.  Since they put me on Saturday, I re-wrote my presentation to be a BreakOut/Escape Room. And, since I had to write the description over a year ago, I changed it to include Artificial Intelligence chatbots!

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Cal Armstrong
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