So the October 2018 Windows 10 Update has provided a new snipping tool … now, it surprises me that this would be the thing I’m most happy about, but it is! Making things we do very often each day as easy as possible has immediate payoffs in the classroom, so this is a huge leap forward. If your IT Department hasn’t yet given you the Update, you can update yourself by downloading it from here.
Here’s what makes the new Snip & Sketch so slick….
The screen goes grey and along the top you have the option to rectangular, freefom or full-screen clip.  I typically use rectangular to grab student content from OneNote or the web.

Once you’ve finished the selection, up pops a success note in the Notification area of your screen.

Click on that notification and up pops the Snip&Sketch App (which you can pin to your Taskbar or Start if you want).

In the app, you can use #digitalink to draw and highlight content — although I hope they just bring in the OneNote pens too.  You can change the colour and width of the pens so there’s a great deal of flexibility here.
And then you can either just put it in the Clipboard (which has also been vastly improved), send it to OneNote or to any of your email contacts as an attachment or push it to another photo-editing app.  You can also just save it. D’uh.  
 And, of course, this being Windows10, you get an on-screen ruler that you can spin and move around and your pen will draw perfectly straight lines. 

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