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I used to suggest using Microsoft Delve as a jumping off point for your files — it was a smart system that highlighted what files you had been recently using but also what others was working on. But, as Microsoft Teams became a more common application for users, I thought I would highlight how it serves as a great place to get back to where you were working.

When you open the Microsoft Teams app on your desktop, click on FILES on the left. It will open up to show all the RECENT files you have been using – as well as where they are! (People often forget where things are stored).

If you double-click on the name, you’ll open up the Office apps right inside the Teams application (which means the web-application) so you can quickly view and simply edit the contents. BUT, if you click on the 3-dot menu at the end of the row, you have much richer access (as shown below). You can open a OneNote directly in your default OneNote application, for example.

When you flip over to the MICROSOFT TEAMS option, you’ll see all the files that you have access to across all of your Teams. This can be a lot!

I’ve blurred out the names, but you’ll see a lot of images that students upload to our Math Extra Help site (Teams doesn’t allow inking yet and math requires digital ink, so the students screen-snip their OneNotes to show what questions … or answers… they have). Again, you have access to more options under the 3-dot menu.

So… give Microsoft Teams –> FILES a try as your jumping off point for your files or shared files! It’s another place to figure out “Where did I put that file?”

And this brings up a problematic point for me… I noticed that our ACMUN — Appleby College Model UN — OneNote back on the first image is stored on our student’s OneDrive. This needs to be moved to a “group” OneDrive (like in Teams or Sharepoint) rather than a personal OneDrive. This is an on-going issue as we work out where shared files should be stored.

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