#vnps’ing Trig Identities

So my class was working on Proving Trig Identities (not always the most popular — it’s the first time they really do a “proof” in our curriculum) and I didn’t want to have them work alone and I didn’t want them to work on all the same problems, so I collected a large number of problems from around the web and Snip&Sketch’ed them into a Word document table — with a column for the screen clipped question and a column to for the answer (eventually).

I then printed out a copy and cut it into strips – each pair grabbed a strip and solved it on their whiteboard space (#vnps – vertical non-permanent surface) and then when done, grabbed another one. They could struggle as much as they wanted and I would give them a suggestion (or not) to help them move along. As they finished each question, I took a picture of the complete, correct solution.

Then, as I outlined last blog post, I created a summary page. I went back to the Word document and filled in the right column with a screen clip of the solution, and then printed that Word document into the OneNote page for that day, and then distributed a copy to each of the students for their records. Took no time at all!

Now some folks may say – why not use Office Lens? Well, Office Lens is awesome and I use it a lot but I was doing quick & dirty. I don’t have a lot of time and the solutions were only for brief consumption. If the images were going to be used more broadly or for longer duration (say Exam Solutions) I would have used Office Lens!

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