Quick Poll in Microsoft Teams using the Forms Bot

In Teams, click on the APPS button in the lower left corner of the Teams App.
In the Search Box, type form and a card will show up with FORMS on it.
In the drop-down menu next to Open, you can add it to a Team, or a Chat. Once you choose one or the other, you get a list of all your Teams (or Chats) and can decide which one you want to add it to.
Now, go to the Team or Chat you added Forms to, and type @FORMS in the chat box. You can then click on the FORMS nametag that pops up.
It will give you a list of things you can do– in this case, Create a New Poll to tap on that!
You’ll get a pop-up window asking you to create the new poll … it’s strictly multiple choice and there’s no option for “Other”.
So I filled in an example…
The bot will then show you a preview of the poll.
Here’s what it looks like in the Chat window after you click SEND. Any participant in the Chat can respond and a running total shows up.
If you go to your FORMS on Office.com, you’ll see a card with the survey from Teams. Notice the icon in the lower right corner.
When you click in to the Form, you see that it’s not editable anymore!
And the summary you’re used to!
Cal Armstrong
Cal Armstrong
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