The Class/Staff OneNotes in Teams – Nudging Permissions

So Microsoft Teams EDU is a new layer added to Sharepoint/Office365 to make the space workable. Sharepoint/Office365 is ridiculously powerful, but like all ridiculously powerful applications, they need mediation to make them open to the average user.  (For regular OneNote Staff Notebooks, see here: Nudging the OneNote Staff Notebook Permissions)

When you create a new Team, you choose its type — Classes (for, you know, classes), PLCs, Staff Members and Anyone.  For PLCs and Anyone, you just get an open OneNote Notebook without any specially permissions sections.

When you choose a CLASSES or STAFF MEMBERS teams, a Class or Staff Notebook (respectively) is made with a Collaboration Space (open to all), a Content Library (read by everyone, editable by the owners) and individual private spaces for each member.  Now, I was asked if it’s possible to nudge permissions on these Class/Staff Notebooks as I’ve done in the past.
Well… yes and no.
The Teams layer does its best to avoid having you play with things.  And there is some interactivity with the Teams Application that does modify the Notebook so you don’t want to play TOO much.
But here’s one thing you can do.  You can make specially permissioned SectionGroups inside of the Content Library (yes, you can do more — but I think starting with this won’t affect any of the things that Teams does).
First, you need to get at the structure of the Class/Staff Notebook.  Teams are pretty well protected (again, for good reason).  So, for the direct route you need the name of your Team and, in a web browser, visit the link, changing the schoolname and teamname appropriately.  Now, the %20 just indicates a space, but I wanted to make sure you could type it without any spaces, or worrying where the spaces may occur.  Using the %20, there are no spaces.

This gives you the listing of the Content Library of the OneNote as shown below (and in the OneNote program itself further below). The Class Notebook version doesn’t have as many Sections in it to begin with, but that’s based on its creation and your usage.

So… now, make either a Section or Section Group in your OneNote program in the Content Library.  I created a Section called SharedAdminSection so that I can add a Member who right now only has Read rights to the Content Library.
We’re going to give her Editing rights to that Section.

We head back to the web and the file listing… you may need to refresh to see your new Section “file”.  

Click on the 3-dot menu next to the new Section’s name and then SHARE.  Alternatively, you could click the selection button to the left of the Section name and go up to the SHARE option on the toolbar.  In any case, we have the Share popup.  Click the 3-dot menu and choose Manage Access.

This will produce a Manage Access panel on the right of the screen.  From here, change the Access of the individuals you want to be able to contribute.

CAVEAT — anyone you add to the Team after you’ve edited the permissions, they will not have access to the modified section.  You can add their access manually by going through this process, of course.

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Cal Armstrong
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