Three things

It’s been a long day and I didn’t have time on the weekend to write some posts in advance — so a quick reflection on today.

I got to do three things that are important to me:

  1. Teach mathematics authentically. Many of my classes this year have had to be taught in ways that match the other sections for consistency, so often the instruction has not been in line with my preferences. But today, I got to teach through problem-solving, discussion and reflection. That inspires me to keep trying to do the right thing.
  2. Guide people to use technology effectively. Someone once watched me do several days of professional learning and said “you never tell people what to do; you just show them the opportunities”. I think it’s important not to tell people to teach how you teach but to improve how they teach. We had guests at the school who are switching over to Office365 and so they had just had their first encounter OneNote. It was a lot of fun bringing a novice to something I’m very proud of — and to have them mention how feedback was so easy and thorough, unbidden, since that’s why I designed it in the first place. It inspires me to continue improving.
  3. Work with committed volunteers. This evening was consumed by meeting, planning and professional learning with the Auxiliary. One of the biggest benefits of volunteering with the Auxiliary is that they have collected a lot of people who are thoughtful, considerate, caring and willing to give a significant portion of their time, their lives, to help others. They inspire me to keep reaching for the best.

Cal Armstrong
Cal Armstrong
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