(another quick thought because it’s been another 14 hour day)

Twice in the past two days I’ve had users of Office365 respond with “What? I didn’t know Office365 had its own YouTube!”

If you are an Office365 user, visit http://www.office.com and sign in with your credentials. Hit ALL APPS — these are all the apps you have access to without your Office365 login.

One of them is Microsoft Stream with the red arrow looking icon– it’s a YouTube for your school (or work). It’s only downside is that it is internal only. When you upload a video, only those people on the same address as you can see the videos. No one outside. No how. (Yet.) This means that Microsoft doesn’t lose money with viral videos but we get all the benefit of auto-captioning, auto-transcripts, Forms-quizzing, face-recognition and the like without having to deal with YouTube.

Give it a try! It’s free, unlimited and has the same security as your OneDrive files. You can go directly there by visiting http://stream.microsoft.com and signing in with your regular Office365 login.

As I always tell people, if you’re sitting there and thinking “there has to be an easier way… ask! Because there likely is!