Scrolling through my Feedly a few weeks ago, I came across a Richard Byrne blogpost describing something called a Hyperdoc, so I read through and thought, hey… they’re just describing a OneNote page!  (And I’m old enough to think, “Hey, Webquest!”) And so I dug in a little bit more… Continue Reading #Hyperdocs …. or, like, just a OneNote

So using Desmos activities are a great way to encourage exploration and discussion in math class — if you haven’t tried them, I encourage it.  They’re collected at  But … Desmos doesn’t give you quite enough.  It doesn’t have a way of capturing the work that the student does within… Continue Reading Desmos, OneNote & Replay

So Microsoft Teams EDU is a new layer added to Sharepoint/Office365 to make the space workable. Sharepoint/Office365 is ridiculously powerful, but like all ridiculously powerful applications, they need mediation to make them open to the average user.  (For regular OneNote Staff Notebooks, see here: Nudging the OneNote Staff Notebook Permissions) When… Continue Reading The Class/Staff OneNotes in Teams – Nudging Permissions

The first part of the story is here: Part 1. The course I’m teaching runs every day in August, and Sept 1st.  The students return to school after Labour Day and then write their exam at the end of the week (we wanted to make sure we had a properly… Continue Reading Teach Math Online with OneNote & Skype (& Teams) (part 2)

So, although I tried to avoid it, I ended up helping design and am now delivering an online course in mathematics this summer, specifically the Ontario Ministry course MPM2D (Grade 10 Academic).  Fortunately, for the design of the course, I worked with one of the most organized and creative teachers… Continue Reading Teaching Math Online with OneNote & Skype (part 1)

So I’m already prepping for next year and putting together the Staff OneNote … I managed to convince the three Academic Directors and the three School Directors (vice principals) to merge their separate OneNotes into one.  (Yay, small victories!)  If you haven’t played with Staff Notebooks, visit — it’s… Continue Reading Nudging the OneNote Staff Notebook Permissions

[[Part 2 of this article is here: Link]] So when I was visiting Anna in Edinburgh during March Break, she showed me how she used Password-Protected OneNote sections within the OneNote ClassNotebook to help students check their work — she set the password to the correct answer, so they knew they had… Continue Reading Escape Room / BreakOut in OneNote

So we have a period of time in our course where we have two summative activities and then a final exam. Basically, a lot of time to review as we try to pull ideas together and strengthen skills & understanding.  And, as always, working on collaboration and feedback. Idea #1… Continue Reading Reviewing Math in OneNote – 2 ideas make it easier

So it happened that the day I was going to give a test, I couldn’t, so I needed to quickly get together some review questions for the students to work on. (Sorry, I wasn’t ready to start the next unit with them, and besides, it was the first class after… Continue Reading When OneNote (& the Class Tools) makes your life easier…

A brief aside.I had dropped by a workshop first thing this morning and was sitting at the front and wanted to grab a shot of the screen; at first I used my camera — I wasn’t thinking.  As soon as I looked at the image, I realized I should be using Office Lens.  Look, it… Continue Reading Using Office Lens