So… say you wanted to have a party… but what’s the right time to have it?Office365 Outlook (free for all teachers & students!) will let you poll people to decide when’s the right time to meet. You need to use Outlook-on-the-web though.  Now Outlook-on-the-web is actually a pretty good Outlook… Continue Reading Party On (Outlook), Garth!

So everything we do is in OneNote. Everything. But we (okay, me) are trying to break out into other tools and that includes Microsoft Teams and their Assignment workflow.  What I tried was this:1) In a Word document we wrote about what they had to do and how they would… Continue Reading Using Assignments in Microsoft Teams

So, long story short, we have a bit of extra time in our Right-Angle Trigonometry unit, so I mentioned to my team that I would put together a BreakOut for review.  During this time, we have a lot of kids away for various reasons so having something self-paced is helpful.… Continue Reading Back to the BreakOut

I had a teacher message me on Monday saying that he was having a guest talk to his class from Bogotá, Colombia and what would be the best way to web-conference with her and record it?   The absolute easiest way for anybody to do that is with Skype4Business, a business-level… Continue Reading “Geez, it’s so easy!” – Skype for Business for Education

I had a great conversation today with a tech director who was asking how we dealt with our 1:1 program and what my thoughts were on BYOD.  So I thought I write my thoughts down here as well.We have been 1:1 since 1998 – now, I didn’t start at Appleby… Continue Reading BYOD. It’s not about the device until it’s the device.