While I admit to being quickly on board most things (except the iPad, that is… that’s a tool for my 65-year-old Mom) I’m disheartened by the slow pick up of online learning networks (via Twitter, Ning, Facebook, etc) by my colleagues. We’re a 1:1 school and the faculty are pretty comfortable with technology — but I see very few of them (well, okay, maybe 3 out of 100) that are actively engaged online. Is it really just an issue of time, given that independent school teachers have a very long academic & athletics day followed by the same prep time all teachers require? Are they unaware of the benefits of connecting and collaborating online? Or does that beg the question?

One thought on “Where is everyone?”
  1. Good question Cal, but I think you have to support them on their learning journey.

    I am taking PQP courses with an amazing group of educators, and am subjected to a teeth-gritting Web board online component (Hello OPC, the 90's are calling…) However, I looked forward to a new OPC piece, a Web conference hosted by Tim Hawes and Shawn Allenby, 2 stellar educators with web savvy.

    In an Adobe Connect room, there was a really busy back chat, what with 42 attendees, and I listened, read, interacted, as I do at these online gatherings. But the feedback from some of my fellow classmates was revealing. Too frenetic, never been in that environment, intimidated, and the list goes on. When I speak to the fact that this is the way students live their lives everyday, it just widens the gulf.

    We need to scaffold that canyon, be patient and remember, well for me, when I couldn't hook up that VCR.

    Well, I still can't do that, but now I don't have to; luckily the 21st Century caught up to me;)


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